A sustainable business model

Environmental Policy

Many businesses are unaware of how significantly waste impacts on their bottom line. But as the demand for materials grows worldwide and input costs rise, it makes sense for businesses to try and repair first before throwing away. As part of its ongoing aim to build a sustainable business model, Smart Car UK knows this only too well and will try and repair wherever possible, providing of course it makes economic sense.

Bumper Example

One area of a car’s bodywork we will normally try and repair rather than replace is the front or rear bumper.

As one of the few Swindon bodyshops with the facilities and skills to repair plastic bumpers, we look forward to not only helping the environment, but saving you money too.

Smart Car UK has found that there is likely to be a big difference in cost, with a replacement bumper usually being much more expensive. That’s why we believe it makes both environmental and economic sense to get your bumper repaired with us.

Quality Matters

You may also be wondering whether there is any difference between a repaired or replacement bumper when it comes to quality of finish?

The answer is no; whichever way Smart Car UK carries out the work the finish should be identical, and we know that quality will always be a major factor why customers choose to use our service.

And to demonstrate the process here is a picture of a partly repaired bumper mounted on one of our panel stands. Shortly it will be taken into the spray booth seen just behind it, where it will be painted before being put back on the car, and of course that will mean one less bumper that needs manufacturing, and which would have used up more of the earth’s valuable resources!