Are you looking to buy another car this year?

Trading in Your Car

Are you looking to buy another car this year? If so, are you trading in your present car as part of the deal? And have you thought about how you can get the best price for it? If not, here is a simple suggestion that could make you some serious money.

Get your car looking its best

Even something as small as a scratched bumper, stone-chip or other imperfection in your car bodywork, could see it fail to reach its full trade-in valuation.

And depending on the car you’re selling, leaving it in this condition could potentially lose you thousands of pounds when it comes to be sold or part-exchanged.

However, the good news is that an investment in the region of a few hundred pounds getting these faults corrected at Smart Car UK, could help you make you some serious money.

Showroom Condition

If you would like to get your car bodywork back to showroom condition so you can achieve the very best price when you sell, contact Smart Car UK on 01793 528 452.

You can also use our enquiry form. We will then get back to you to discuss the best course of action to get the maximum payback on your car.