Keep your car bodywork in tip-top shape

Body care

Smart Car UK is always delighted when it can restore your car bodywork back to its former glory, but for us that doesn’t mean the job is finished. We want to help you keep your car bodywork in tip-top shape, and in this section and we look forward to bringing you a range of products that we are happy to recommend – and yes, we use them ourselves.


Smart Car UK is proud to be a stockist for Meguiars, one of the World’s leading producers of surface care products. We will be supplying a range of their popular products which we know will appeal to our customers and which is now available to buy direct from our Swindon Body Shop Reception. See below for our guide to detailing using Meguiar’s products.


Detailing Tips


Your vehicle should be hosed down while cool or in the shade. The majority of accumulated dirt and salt will be located in the bottom third of the car, so it is imperative that this area is rinsed properly.

Using dishwashing detergents to wash your car will strip off all your wax and then pull vital oils out of the paint, drying it out. That’s why we recommend using a car wash shampoo and conditioner, such as Meguiar’s NXT Shampoo will enhance the appearance of paintwork without stripping wax and polish.

Using a Meguiar’s Grit Guard in your bucket to ensure dirt is separated from the main washing solution will prevent sediment from inflicting swirl marks.

Sponges contribute to fine scratches and ‘swirls’ on paintwork. This is why Meguiar’s recommend using either a Lamb’s Wool Wash Mitt or Microfibre Wash Mitt, which will lift and trap dirt within the pile.

Once the vehicle has been washed, rinse the paintwork using a free flowing stream of water. Any water that is left on the surface can be removed using a Water Magnet.

Wheels & Tyres

Before attempting to clean wheels, ensure that both the wheels and calipers are cool. Do not spray Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner directly onto the calipers, discs and tyres, and ensure the wheel cleaner does not dry on the wheels.

Hold the bottle approximately 10-20cm from centimetres from the wheel and spray from the bottom up, this will prevent the product from streaking. After leaving for about a minute, rinse off the residue thoroughly. Wipe down with a Microfibre.

With chrome and highly polished aluminium wheels Meguiar’s recommend the NXT All Metal Polysh. Apply a small amount to a foam applicator pad and work into the wheel. Let product cure, then remove with a Microfibre.

For clear coated alloy wheels waxes such as Ultimate Wax or NXT Tech Wax 2.0 can be used.

Once the tyres have dried, apply Meguiar’s Endurance High Gloss Tyre Dressing, using a Meguiar’s Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad.

Alternatively Hot Shine Tyre Dressing can be used.

Body care

Above-surface contaminants such as tree sap, industrial fall-out and tar can be removed using the Quik Clay Detailing system. Use half a bar of clay (approx 25 grams) work the half clay bar in your hands making it malleable enough to fold into a disk about 5cm across. Ensure the clay and panel are well lubricated with Meguiar’s Quik Detailer and work the clay from left to right using fingertip pressure only.

To remove scratches and swirl marks Meguiar’s recommends using Ultimate Compound. This product quickly removes stubborn oxidisation, stains, light scratches, blemishes and other sub surface defects whilst polishing the surface. It is the perfect choice to prepare your paint surface for your favourite Meguiar’s wax.

To generate additional gloss use Ultimate Polish or Deep Crystal Step 2 Polish.

Applying the Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax will provide protection against oxidisation, UV rays and surface degradation. Starting on the bonnet, apply the Ultimate Wax to the applicator pad, ensuring you use very small amounts. Allow the wax to cure, then remove using a Microfibre.

It is easy to keep that ‘just waxed’ look every day by frequently using a mist & wipe product like Meguiar’s Quik Detailer or Ultimate Quik Detailer.

Surface Preparation, Polishing & Waxing

It is important that the correct product is used for your specific surface. A versatile solution is Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer which cleans and protects all interior surfaces. Apply to an Even Coat Applicator Pad and gently work over the surface. Remove any residue using a Supreme Shine Microfibre.

Interior plastics should be treated at least twice a year. Meguiar’s Natural Shine contains UV protectants to help reduce drying and fading effects of the sun. Spray a small amount onto an Even Coat Applicator Pad and work across the panel.

Meguiar’s Carpet and Interior Cleaner is ideal for removing the most stubborn contamination on fabric without discolouring the surface. Before applying this cleaner, first ensure that any loose dirt and dust has been vacuumed. Apply the cleaner directly to the surface and leave for approximately 30 seconds then wipe over using a Supreme Shine Microfibre. The All Surface Interior Brush is ideal to help loosen stubborn stains.

Meguiar’s Car Odour Eliminator removes offending odours forever. Spray the car odour eliminator from a distance of 30cm from the fabric/material. For best results leave to sit overnight.

The NXT Glass Cleaner has been specially formulated to deliver the best clarity through the toughest dirt and grime. It is suitable on all tinted windows and is ammonia free. Simply spray the glass cleaner onto the window and wipe over using a Supreme Shine Microfibre.

Leather seats and trim should be conditioned and cleaned at least twice a year. Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner offers safe cleaning and conditioning without using harmful or harsh solvents. Before applying this product it is important to ensure the area has been vacuumed and all loose dirt has been removed. The Triple Duty Detail Brush aids the cleaning process by dislodging any dirt caught in the seams of the seats. Once this has been completed apply the leather cleaner and conditioner with an Even Coat Applicator Pad and work for about 1 minute. Once complete, wipe off using a Supreme Shine Microfibre.