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End of lease repairs

Using a fleet vehicle or company car is a great way to reduce your transport costs and access the latest models, but you do need to take fleet car repair into account. Whilst some mechanical issues may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, many problems aren’t covered under fleet contracts or lease terms.

Cosmetic damage, in particular, is rarely covered by your company car or fleet car contract, notwithstanding fair wear and tear, you will be expected to return the car in the same condition in which you received it. Due to this, it’s important to note any imperfections which may have arisen while you were in possession of the vehicle and plan your lease hire damage repairs in advance.

Why use Smart Car UK for repairs to your fleet vehicle?

At the end of your lease period, you may be expecting to hand back the keys to your vehicle and switch to another model or newer version. Alternatively, you may want to return the car and make other transport arrangements. However, you probably aren’t expecting to receive a large bill when your lease period comes to an end.

Unfortunately, many drivers are hit with unexpected costly bills and considerable charges when they return a lease vehicle. All too often, drivers are told the damage to their car has exceeded the normal wear and tear limit and that charges are applicable in accordance with DVLRA.

By using Smart Car UK for your lease car repairs, you can ensure your fleet vehicle is returned in perfect condition, thus avoiding the charges you might otherwise incur. With cost-effective repairs, maintenance and safety checks, using Smart Car UK for a lease car repair is an ideal way to avoid costly end of lease charges and ensure the vehicle is returned without imperfections.

A vast majority of vehicles experience cosmetic damage when they’re in use, even if they’re not involved in a significant collision. A slight scrape or gravel hitting the vehicle as you drive along the carriageway road can be enough to damage the paintwork, and this could turn out to be expensive if you return the car in this condition. Even imperfections, scratches or dents with are almost imperceptible to the naked eye will be identified when you return the vehicle.

By booking your vehicle in the Smart Car UK spray booth, you can ensure that there isn’t any cosmetic damage to the vehicle before you return it. Whether there’s a noticeable scratch or scuff, or just general marks on the bodywork, our trained technicians will ensure the paintwork is restored to its best.

What is the best time to book the car into the workshop?

If you still have some time to run on your lease, you may want to wait until closer to the end of lease date. This will ensure that any damage which occurs between now and the end of your lease can also be rectified before the lease expires. We can even reserve you a slot in the spray booth and remind you nearer the time, so there’s no risk you’ll miss out on the chance to repair the vehicle prior to the lease expiring.

However, if you’ve still got months, or years left on the lease and you don’t want to drive around in a car with visible damage, you may want to book your vehicle into the spray booth sooner.

It’s important to remember that cosmetic damage can sometimes lead to more extensive problems. If a scratch is deep enough to go through numerous layers of paint, it could lead to rusting, for example. In these scenarios, undertaking repairs quickly can help to minimise the work that needs to be carried out and prevent further damage from occurring.

What does normal wear and tear really mean?

Wear and tear’s a term which is often used in the automotive industry, but it has no clear definition. When you’re using a vehicle, you may expect the oil levels to diminish over time or the tyres to become scuffed, but companies haven’t fully agreed on what wear and tear really means.

However, they are quick to argue that your usage of the vehicle exceeds the normal wear and tear which is allowed under lease contracts because this enables them to charge you for any damage. While use of consumables, such as oil, petrol, and windscreen wash, should certainly be considered standard wear and tear, it’s not unusual for drivers to be charged for minor damage which many would consider to be standard with the use of any vehicle.

What does the service involve?

Preparing your vehicle for return at the end of a lease can be tiresome, but with a professional service from Smart Car UK, you can be sure you’re returning the vehicle in an appropriate condition. As well as safety checking all mechanical aspects of the vehicle, such as the steering, brakes, and tyres, we’ll also undertake additional checks designed to identify potential end of lease issues.

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