A great price, fantastic service

Can you spot the difference?

Have a look at the ‘before and after’ photos on this page and check out the difference. You can clearly see that the plastic headlight lens on the left has deteriorated over time and developed a dullness, as well as a patchy, opaque bloom. By contrast, you can see the same headlight on the right, immediately after it has been restored by Smart Car UK.

Why polish your headlights?

When the plastic surface develops the bloom that you can see in the picture, the range of your headlight beam is adversely affected. In fact, with new VOSA rules that have recently come into force, a headlight with this level of deterioration would now be an MOT failure! So if you have a car that has failed MOT because of the state of the plastic headlight lens, Smart Car UK’s polishing service can ensure that you’re now ready for a successful MOT re-test, as well as many hours of safe, night-time driving ahead of you.

Same day service!

If you have an MOT failure, we know that you’ll want to get your car back in re-test as quickly as possible. To help you, Smart Car UK can usually offer a same day service so you can get your MOT re-test as quickly as possible.

Before polishing headlight
Before headlight polishing
After polishing headlight
After headlight polishing

The cost?

Our headlight polishing service only costs £35+VAT per headlight. Not only is this a great price, but it also represents a fantastic saving when compared with the alternative solution of fitting a replacement headlight unit, which could cost hundreds of pounds instead! Call Smart Car UK today on 01793 528 452 to find out more about our headlight polishing service.